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A-Mazing Floors

A-Mazing Floors – A maze game between the floors

A-Mazing Floors Game Information

The game is based on a maze game drawn on a page in old days at the school.

I was like to draw too many maze games and that was my first experience to let people play my games.

After years, I was move to computer programming and tried to create too many applications and games for windows. In this time, I was tried many alternatives such as Symbian games, iOs and Android games but not focused to create a game for me.

While finishing 2019, I was give a change to the Android platform and created my first maze game (Firs labyrinth I was drawn on a page) to play.

After a couple of tests and trying some different options, the game A-Mazing Floors was created.

The base is the labyrinths I made but I was have a dream: play the maze from inside the labyrinth.

This first release (Version 3.0) is based on the paper version of the labyrinths but this is only a training.

It will move inside the labyrinth and then we can play form inside. The new levels after level 5 will have this function.

Sounds, graphic details, decals and paints, alternative ball skins and vice versa are coming in a couple days.

Lets try this first 5 levels and wait for the new levels!

Game will have upto 300 levels and too many building to play their floors.

Happy gaming !